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Yesterday's Fine Art Gallery

Eclectic gallery home to extraordinary collection of historical art

Discover contemporary art representing the historic Jerome area

Atop Cleopatra Hill lies the historic town of Jerome. Once a thriving copper mining town, it has become the epicenter for an artistic community. From mining camps to an artisan mecca, Jerome is now home to our new fine arts gallery. At Yester Day's Fine Art Gallery, you will find an eclectic collection of artwork including older artwork surrounding the 1953 era and mining industry in Jerome. Come check out our new gallery!

About us

Located in the historic town of Jerome, Yester  Day's Fine Art Gallery showcases the dynamic creations of artwork surrounding the history of our city. Our gallery includes contemporary art, portraits, landscapes, ceramics, metal sculptures, and older artwork representing the 1953-era and booming mining industry of Jerome. Visit our new gallery to experience a fascinating collection of art.

Historical Jerome

This mile-high mountain town earned its popularity as a billion-dollar copper town in the 1880s. The history of Jerome is just as rich as the mineral deposits the first miners dug for. Our fine arts gallery is dedicated to using a creative outlet to depict the life of our city from its beginnings. Join us at our inception while we bring together creative pieces of all media and styles.

An artisan haven

Throughout the winding cobblestone streets of Jerome lies a whimsical town where artists have come to settle. Jerome's thriving environment for artists is home to an eclectic variety of fine art and contemporary art galleries. Yester Day's Fine Art Gallery slips right into this artist hub, preserving a haven for the deep history of our historical town.
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